5 Easy UpCycled Cat Toy Ideas

5 Easy UpCycled Cat Toy Ideas

As a cat owner myself, I know all too well how hard it can be to keep them entertained and not climbing up the walls (literally).

After spoiling my lovely Nala with new toys only to watch them be tossed aside in favour of a random piece of string or ball of paper, I decided to DIY her toys.

Save the planet and yourself some money by trying these upcycled cat toys using items you probably already have in your home!


1. Toilet Roll Tubes

Toilet and kitchen roll tubes are the perfect building materials for cat treat puzzles. Starting with a sheet of cardboard as a base there are so many ways to cut and attach them to hide treats for your furry friend.

Stacks and standing toilet roll tubes attached to a cardboard base as a cat treat puzzle


2. Cardboard on a String

Cut some squares (or other shapes) out of cardboard, use a fairly thick needle or hole punch to string them onto a cord of some kind (shoelace/garden twine/ribbon etc.) and voila.

Square cardboard cut outs attached to a piece of string as a cat toy


3. Ball of Foil

Although many cats may not like foil sheets (not my Nala though, she tries to eat it) when scrunched up in a ball its so light it just flies around when playing. You can jazz it up even more by putting some catnip inside before scrunching.

Two balls of scrunched up tin foil


4. Poke some Holes in a Box

Any shallow box will do here, just cut some holes in the top and place treats inside (be sure to keep and eye when they are using it to make sure they don't get their head or arms stuck in the holes; I have learnt this from experience)

A tin foil box with four square holes cut in the top as a cat treat puzzle

5. Cardboard Scratcher

Cut some equal width strips from cardboard and glue them together in a stack or in a spiral. You may want to attach them to a base board to then sprinkle some catnip in.

A circle shaped cardboard cat scratcher

 I hope these have given you some inspiration to get crafting for your cats.

For even more ideas, check out my pinterest page where I'm always saving new DIY ideas like these https://www.pinterest.co.uk/isymakesthings/upcycled-cat-accessories

Disclaimer: use your own discretion as to the suitability of these toys for your own cat.

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